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Thank you to our 2017 PAR Sponsors!

dee-forsberg-logo-_159x480_.pngTaking the guess work our of your game!


Service after the sale is the foundation upon which we were founded.  GR Promotions opened its doors on September 10, 1994 and is delighted to bring to our customers a combined  70+ years of experience in Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.  What does GR stand for?  We are known for GReat Ideas, GReat Products, and GReat Service and have built our business by being an exceptional, creative resource while providing unparalleled service and competitive pricing to our clients.  We offer our customers a full line of ad specialty products (anything you can put your name on)

Mindful Golf offers a simple method for learning and playing golf that has been around for thousands of years: learning from your own experience, using the ball, the feeling of swinging the clubhead and the feel of your body as the teachers.  Michael guides you to pay attention to these teachers.


Proven Weight-loss Program helping Men & Women lose that Additional Weight.
Personal trainers are professional exercise specialists that can efficiently burn fat off those nagging areas on your body. Our professional exercise specialists create fitness programs tailored to your goals. You will be shocked by the speed of your remarkable results.

Mnneapolis Airport Location F-Concourse Gate 6
Offering Computer Generated Customized Insoles Diabetic Foot Care & Employee Injury Prevention/Safety Shoe Program