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Rules and Etiquette

The document link below provides a simplified version of the Rules of Golf that is easy to understand.

The Rules of Golf - Simplified

The document link below provides an overview of Golf Etiquette and how to behave on and around the golf course including what are appropriate (and inappropriate) actions on the tee box through the green.

Golf Etiquette Overview

Golf Tip of the Month: Taking Relief from an Immovable Obstruction (like a Cart Path)

MYTH: When your ball, stance or swing is interfered with by a cart path (immovable obstruction), you always take relief on the side farthest away from the hole.

FACT: You have to locate the nearest spot off the cart path that allows you to stand and swing without interference and is not nearer the hole than the ball’s location. That spot could be on either side of the cart path depending on your ball’s position and the stroke you intend to make for your next shot. Once you determine where that spot is, you’re allowed to drop within one club-length of that spot, no closer to the hole.